Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society

Date:  7 December, 2008
Location: Kennedy Dells County Park, Rockland Co.
Event: First Sunday Walk


Leader:  Veronika Krause
Participants:  Alan and Della Wells, Ron Conzo, Danny Albantides, Caroline McDonald, Frank, Gloria North, Vicki Beaumont
Weather: Cold (29°F) with occasional light snow flurries


Trip Highlights: Three Common Redpoll mixed amongst the American Goldfinch feeding in the top of a (black?) birch. Della and Frank’s fleeting glimpse of a Barred Owl on the wing. Tracking down the owner of the cell phone we found half buried in leaves along the trail. The warm breakfast afterward at the Main Street Café (New City).


Species Comments
Northern Flicker one seen well; several heard
American Crow heard in distance
Canada Goose 3 flying over field
Dark-eyed Junco several
Blue Jay several heard and seen
Carolina Wren heard only
Northern Cardinal both male and female seen
Black-capped Chickadee several seen and heard
Mourning Dove several
COMMON REDPOLL 3 feeding on black birch
Northern Mockingbird 1 seen
American Goldfinch numerous
Downy Woodpecker 1 or 2 seen
Cedar Waxwing one with goldfinch flock
American Robin 1 seen
BARRED OWL brief glimpse by Della and Frank
Hairy Woodpecker one seen and heard
Red-tailed Hawk one soaring over field
Turkey Vulture 1 or 2 soaring


Totals: 9 participants; 20 species


Photo (click to expand) Comments
Kennedy Dells Co. Park RAS at Kennedy Dells on 12/4/08.
Kennedy Dells Co. Park RAS at Kennedy Dells on 12/4/08. I think the Barred Owl went this way!