Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society


02/22/09 Croton Point   


Led by: Carol Weiss


Participants: Frank Kemmer, Veronika Krause, Dan Albantides, Gloria North, Jim Previdi, Zenon Bachir, Drew Ciganek, Betty Seaman, Jane Lampkin, Julia Warger, Alan Wells, Della Wells.


Weather: Overcast and, eventually, light rain. About 35F.


Trip Highlights:  All the Bald Eagles and the fact that the rain held off until the walk was almost over.




Common Name Comments
American Crow  
European Starling  
Red-tailed Hawk Very pale
Bald Eagle Several adults & juv.
Song Sparrow  
House Sparrow  
Eastern Bluebird 1 seen by several participants
Mourning Dove  
Common Grackle  
Tufted Titmouse  
American Robin  
Downy Woodpecker  
Brown Creeper 1
Northern Mockingbird  
Northern Cardinal  
Red-bellied Woodpecker  
Mallard Heard overhead
White-throated Sparrow  
Red-winged Blackbird About 30 in flock
Common Goldeneye  
Carolina Wren Several heard
Northern Pintail 1
Blue Jay  
American Tree Sparrow Under feeder
Canada Goose  
Fish Crow At Kayak launch
Ring-billed Gull At Kayak launch
Rock Pigeon At Kayak launch
Common Merganser At Kayak launch
American Herring Gull At Kayak launch
American Black Duck At Kayak launch
American Green-winged Teal At Kayak launch
Belted Kingfisher At Kayak launch
Great Blue Heron At Kayak launch
Pine Siskin  
Ruddy Duck  
House Finch  











































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RAS at Croton Point 2/22/09
Photo 1. RAS at Croton Point. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Pale Red-tailed Hawk
Photo 1. Very pale Red-tailed Hawk. Photo: Alan W. Wells


First cycle, basic Ring-billed Gull
Photo 1. First cycle, basic Ring-billed Gull. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Second cycle, basic Ring-billed Gull
Photo 1. Second cycle, basic Ring-billed Gull. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Adult, basic Ring-billed Gull
Photo 1. Adult, basic Ring-billed Gull. Photo: Alan W. Wells