Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society


3/1/2009  Kennedy Dells


Leader: Carol Weiss


Participants: Dan Albantides, Zenon Bachir, Vicki Beaumont, Drew Ciganek, Frank Kemmer, Veronika Krause, Caroline McDonald, Jim Previdi, Alan Wells, Della Wells. Pat Murray caught up with us at the end of the trip.


Weather: Cold, overcast, with light flurries.


Highlights: The "lost" German Shepherd eluding his "rescuers".


Common Name


American Crow


American Robin


Blue Jay


Brown Creeper

one seen

Canada Goose


Downy Woodpecker


European Starling


Hairy Woodpecker


Hermit Thrush

one skulking in brush

House Sparrow

seen at breakfast


one heard


at retention pond, outside park fence

Mourning Dove


Northern Cardinal


Northern Mockingbird


Pine Siskin

large flock

Ring-billed Gull

seen at breakfast

Tufted Titmouse


Turkey Vulture

seen at breakfast

White-breasted Nuthatch


White-throated Sparrow




RAS at Kennedy Dells 3/1/09
RAS at Kennedy Dells, 3/1/09. OK, where is it? Photo: Alan W. Wells


Frank calling an owl
Frank trying unsuccessfully to call in the local owl. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Pine Siskin
A large flock of Pine Siskin was seen. This one was photographed the following day in Tomkins Cove. Photo: Alan W. Wells


White-throated Sparrow
Adult White-throated Sparrow. Photo: Alan W. Wells