Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society


4/5/2009  Kennedy Dells 

Leader: Veronika Krause


Participants: Ron Conzo, Dan Albantides, Frank Kemmer, Zenon Bachir, Betty Seaman, Ed Werfel, Caroline McDonald, Cathy Quinn, Sonny Mencher, Burt Shaw, Pat Murray, Alan Wells, Della Wells.


Weather: Sunny but cool.


Highlights: Pair (?) of American Kestrels, male hunting; first Eastern Phoebes of spring


 Common Name


American Crow


American Kestrel (pair?)

 Positive ID on male; second bird present but uncertain ID

American Robin


Black Vulture


Black-capped Chickadee


Blue Jay


Brown-headed Cowbird


Common Grackle


Cooper’s Hawk

 Initially identified as a Sharp-shinned; revised on photo ID

Dark-eyed Junco


Downy Woodpecker


Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Phoebe

 Several heard and seen, especially along Crum Crk

Great Blue Heron


Hairy Woodpecker




Mourning Dove


Northern Cardinal


Northern Flicker


Northern Mockingbird


Pine Siskin


Pine Warbler

 First of season

Red-bellied Woodpecker


Red-tailed Hawk


Red-winged Blackbird


Rusty Blackbird

 Single bird

Sharp-shinned Hawk


Song Sparrow


Tufted Titmouse


Turkey Vulture


White-breasted Nuthatch


White-throated Sparrow




RAS at Kennedy Dells
RAS at Kennedy Dells, 4/5/09. Watching American Kestrels.  Photo: Alan W. Wells


Rusty Blackbird
Unexpected Rusty Blackbird. A life bird for some!. Photo: Alan W. Wells


American Robin
American Robins were common. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird along the trail. Photo: Alan W. Wells


American Kestrel
Male American Kestrel checking out a possible territory. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Pat discovering a Pine Warbler. Photo: Alan W. Wells