Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society


4/12/2009  Celery Farm, Allendale, NJ 

Leader: Della and Alan Wells


Participants: Dan Albantides, Betty Seaman, Ed Werfel, Pat Murray, Julia Warger, Drew Ciganek, Carol Weiss, Tom Rowe, Kathleen Fleming, Glenys Foster Roberts,  Anita Gossett, Ronnie Smith, Mark Rutenberg, Ellen Rutenberg. John Lampkin and Charlie Mayhood were leaving just as we were arriving. They contributed several additional sightings to our total.


Weather: Unseasonably cold and windy, about 35F.


Highlights: Grey Ghost, male Northern Harrier; blooming Skunk Cabbage ???


Lowlights: The cold!!!



Common Name


American Crow


American Goldfinch


Black-capped Chickadee


Black-crowned Night Heron


Brown-headed Cowbird


Canada Goose


Common Grackle


Downy Woodpecker


Eastern Phoebe




Green-winged Teal


House Finch


House Sparrow




Mourning Dove


Mute Swan


Northern Cardinal


Northern Flicker


Northern Harrier (male)


Northern Shoveler




Palm Warbler (Drew only)


Pine Siskin


Red-tailed Hawk


Red-winged Blackbird


Song Sparrow


Swamp Sparrow


Tree Swallow


Tufted Titmouse


Turkey Vulture


Virginia Rail (heard only)


White-throated Sparrow


Wood Duck




RAS at Celery Farm
Della pointing out a Wood Duck to Pat.  Photo: Alan W. Wells


Downy Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker searching for snacks!. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Canada Goose
Canada Goose on a nest. Photo: Alan W. Wells


Tree Swallows
Tree Swallows have arrived.  Photo: Alan W. Wells