Trip Report, Rockland Audubon Society


June 7, 2009  First Sunday at Kennedy Dells County Park


Leader:  Veronika Krause


Participants: Cub Scout Pack 49 & Parents, Vicki Beaumont, Drew Ciganek, Ron Conzo, Tracey DeIesso, Frank Kemmer, Pat Lutter, Caroline McDonald, Donna Nye, Kathy Quinn, Carol Weiss, Alan Wells, Della Wells


Weather: Sunny and clear….a beautiful morning for a walk in the woods!


Highlights: A pair of Brown Thrashers feeding along the old road, Scotty and his Cub Scouts friends off in search of the Golden Idol (did he mean the Golden-winged Warbler?)




Common Name


American Crow


American Goldfinch


American Redstart


American Robin


Baltimore Oriole


Barn Swallow


Black-capped Chickadee


Black-crowned Night Heron


Blue Jay


Brown Thrasher

Pair feeding in the old road

Brown-headed Cowbird


Carolina Wren


Chimney Swift


Chipping Sparrow


Common Grackle


Common Yellowthroat


Downy Woodpecker


Eastern Phoebe


Eastern Towhee


Eastern Wood Pewee


Field Sparrow


Fish Crow


Golden-winged Warbler


Gray Catbird


Indigo Bunting


Mourning Dove


Northern Cardinal


Northern Flicker


Pileated Woodpecker


Red-bellied Woodpecker


Red-eyed Vireo


Red-winged Blackbird


Tufted Titmouse


Warbling Vireo


Wood Thrush


Yellow Warbler



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RAS at Kennedy Dells 6/7/2009
RAS First Sunday at Kennedy Dells.  Photo: Alan W. Wells


Carolina Wren
Singing Carolina Wren at Kennedy Dells.  Photo: Alan W. Wells