Rockland Audubon Lecture Topics


As part of our public outreach, Rockland Audubon Society offers the following series of lectures.

Please call 845-639-9216 for availability and pricing.


Birds in Winter    NEW! 

How do birds find food, shelter, and warmth during the winter months in our area? Come learn how to identify birds in winter, where we can find them in this area, and understand how they survive the cold weather.
Song Sparrow  (C) Alan Wells Birding by Ear   

Have you ever wondered what bird is calling out your window?  Learn about the wonders of birdsong and how to identify familiar Rockland birds by sound.  This program is perfect for beginners.

Have You Seen a Bluebird Lately? 

Once common in Rockland County, Eastern Bluebirds have declined dramatically as fields and farmlands have been lost to development and reforestation.  Learn how the Rockland Audubon Nest Box Project is bringing back our state bird and what you can do to help bluebirds.

Sanderlings (C) Alan Wells

Shore to Please: Shorebirds of Rockland

Did you know that Rocklandís shores host a variety of birds that might travel thousands of miles just to get here?  Beginners venture into the world of shorebirds in this program covering the birds found at our watersí edges.

Northern Pintail (c) Alan Wells

Duck, Duck, Geese!  Waterfowl of Rockland

Rockland waters teem with a spectacular array of ducks, geese, and swans.  Beginners will marvel at the diversity and remarkable behavior of waterfowl as they learn to recognize our resident and migratory birds.


Snow Bunting (C) Alan Wells

Birds of Piermont, Rockland County & Vicinity  

Birdlife is seasonal and when this slide presentation was created, the authors decided to look at Rocklandís birds in each season, focusing on the Piermont Pier. This lecture and slide presentation highlights the familiar birds but also includes the rarities that appear sporadically in Rockland County. (This presentation has been made into a video that is available for purchase through the Society.)

American Robin (C) Alan Wells

Familiar Birds of Rockland County

Get to know the birds that frequent your backyard and neighborhood parks.  Beginners can ease into the joys of birdwatching by learning to use field marks, behavior, and habitat to identify Rocklandís feathered inhabitants.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk  (C) Alan Wells

Hawks, Eagles, and Owls, Oh My! Rockland's Birds of Prey

From the hawk scattering the birds at your feeders to the eagles soaring over the Hudson River, become familiar with our many birds of prey.  Beginners will learn about our resident birds of prey as well as the thousands of migrating raptors that stream through Rockland each year.