Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Community Center, Congers Lake Memorial Park, 6 Gilchrest Rd., Congers, NY, 10920. (If there is an alternate location, it will be highlighted in RED with the program listing)


There is plenty of parking near the Community Center and it is handicap accessible.

RAS programs are free and open to the public. Donations to help offset costs are greatly appreciated!


Unless otherwise noted, doors open at 7pm for refreshments and mingling with fellow birders and nature enthusiasts. Formal program begins at 7:30pm!

If you would like to contribute a sweet or savory treat for the refreshments table, please add your name to the sign-up sheet at the meeting!

These programs are made possible through generous donations from our members and friends! Thank you!


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South Africa: Birds and So Much More


Date: Friday, 9-Sep-2016 ***NOTE DATE CHANGE: SECOND Friday***
Speaker: Alan & Della Wells

South Africa is renowned for a great variety of habitat types with a corresponding diversity of flora and fauna. Join Alan and Della Wells for an armchair tour of this spectacular county. From Kruger National Park in the north, we will journey southward to the coastal regions of Kwazulu-Natal. From there, we travel on to the Cape Town area where we will explore the Karoo, Fynbos, Coastal, and Oceanic habitats.  


Birding Taiwan


Date: Friday, 7-Oct-2016
Speaker:  Bill Fiero

With 450 species and 84 endemic species, Bill Fiero found Taiwan, Republic of China, to be a wonderful introduction to Asian birding. Bill birded hotspots throught the island, finishing on beautiful Orchid Island off the southeast coast. In this presentation, Bill will discuss the history, culture, but mostly the bird life of this unique island nation.


*** NO Program in November 2016 ***


Speaker: None




Winter Wildlife Survival

Date: Friday, 9-Dec-2016 ***NOTE DATE CHANGE: SECOND Friday***

Speaker: Peter Cutul

How is it that deer, wood frogs, or even praying mantis survive the winter?  Discover how our backyard neighbors endure the winter with no clothing, grocery stores, or furnaces! This slide lecture will also feature a “virtual” hike including tracks and other signs of life often found in the winter woods. Peter Cutul is an educator and interpreter at Fort Montgomery State Historic Site where he has led environmental education programs, site tours, and living history demonstrations for the past 10 years. He is passionate about the area’s plant and animal life and has studied wilderness skills and tracking.


The Chain that Saved the Colonies

Date: 6-Jan-2017 
Speaker: Donald "Doc" Bayne, Orange County Historical Society

To stop the British invasion during the American Revolution a GREAT chain was placed across the Hudson River at West Point. Come hear an enthusiastic presentation about this intriguing aspect of local history.


Dealing with Climate Change in Your Landscape

Date: 3-Feb-2017
Speaker: Kim Eirman, Ecobeneficial LLC

Climate change is here and it is impacting our landscapes - increased flodding, more frequent droughts, more extreme weather events and increasing temperatures
. Want to help fight climate change at home? Learn how the plants you choose and the landscape practices you use can help reduce the impacts of climate change and improve the environment around you.


Birding Puerto Rico

Date: Friday, 3-Mar-2017
Speaker: Bill Fiero

Join Bill Fiero for a photographic expedition highlighting the birds of Puerto Rico.


Thought and Memory

Date: Friday, 7-Apr-2017
Speaker: Brendan Donleavy, 31 Apparel

Brendan Donleavy is a Brooklyn-based painter who was born and raised in Rockland County. He uses traditional painting techniques originating with the Dutch Masters while utilizing modern tools, mediums and surfaces. Using the Common Raven in northern European mythology as a subject, he creates large scale paintings that blend minimalism and realism. Donleavy founded 31 Apparel, a clothing company dedicated to creating art-inspired clothing for sports fans, in 2015.


6:00-7:30 p.m.: Members' Annual Meeting & Potluck

Bring a salad/side dish, main dish, or dessert. Please note that if you bring a hot dish, there is no way to reheat your dish at the community center. Also, bring your own plate, cutlery, and serving utensils. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Elyse at 845-351-2893 or by Tuesday, May 2.  

7:30-9:00 p.m.: Rockland County Parks

Date: Friday, 5-May-2017

Speaker: Michael DiMola, Department of Environmental Resources

Take a virtual tour of the diverse Rockland County Parks.

Digging into Nature ***Suggested Donation: Adults $5, Ages 5-12 $2, Children under 5 Free***

Date: Friday, 2-Jun-2017

Speaker: Chris Evers, Animal Embassy

Animals dig into the surface of the earth for many reasons. In nature, many of these creatures are contributing to the success of others by creating homes for them, tilling the soil, and in some cases even planting seeds of important plants and trees. Some dig to lay their eggs, others to find food, many to escape the extremes of heat and cold, while some are permanent underground residents. Children will meet an African Sulcata Tortoise, an Indian Sand Boa, a Soft-shelled Turtle, Giant Cane Toads, a Ferret and more as we explore the suberranean realm and some of the animals that call it home. Dig in with Animal Embassy and uncover some of nature's most amazing creatures.